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Master's Shoes And Fan
The artist produced this work during a fasting retreat. The shoes and fan quietly await their owner...
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Moon Night
In "Moon Night," amidst the tranquil emptiness of night, even the trees growing on the hills are pai..
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New Era
This painting in the blue-theme was originally an attempt at a night scene, but eventually transform..
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Ordinary Dream
This painting appears to be most ordinary , 'ordinariness" is exactly what Master intended to convey..
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Paulownia Trees
Before leaving Miaoli, Master left behind this painting depicting the scene in front of Her residenc..
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Peaceful Time
One evening after Supreme Master Ching Hai arrived in Japan, She noticed the half moon in the sky wa..
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It is not the things in the picture that are resting, but is their Master. It is not what you can se..
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The exuberant greenery reflects the artist's boundless joy. Location: Tai Yin Mountain, Formosa ..
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Simple Joy
The inspiration for this subject came from a patch of grass in front of Master's tent. Every day Mas..
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Song Of The Sea
This painting expresses the terror of the abrupt changes of nature caused by an impending typhoon. T..
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The wind blows, a torrential rain pours and flowers, trees and houses sway in all directions as no q..
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The Battle Between Yin And Yang
This work depicts two men playing the paradoxical roles of the Yin and Yang forces in human nature c..
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The Clown
Master once said that She is like a clown, who regardless of being ill or feeling sad, has to put on..
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The Different Ideals
The Different Ideals Dimensions: 26 (Width) * 23 (Height) inches A NOTE FOR OUR INTERNATIONAL ..
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The Night View of Yang Min Mountain
One evening during a retreat in Yang Min Mountain, Formosa, the Supreme Master Ching Hai was inspire..
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