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This is a plantation of apple and mustard trees in the United States. The apple growing season has passed, and the green fruit and leaves are gone, leaving only the lonesome branches without any vitality. However, do not despair! Look at the mustard plants beneath that still grows profusely and inviting as if to comfort the apple trees.

This resembles the course of spiritual practice. Although we can't help going through these seasonal changes, and feel dried up sometimes, we should always muster up our spirits since God will always give us hope in any situation.

Supreme Master Ching Hai said that one cannot paint the branches well if it is not done meticulously. She also expressed Her fondness for the mustard field with its tiny yellow flowers. It seems to invite people to throw themselves into its open arms.

Location: Mustard & Apple Tree, CA., USA Year: March 1991

Dimensions: 31 (Width) * 27 (Height) inches


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