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DVD-0645 Connecting Yourself with God

DVD-0645 Connecting Yourself with God

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Meditation on God, some people call it "prayers," some people call it contemplation," some people call it "going inward," some people call it "connecting yourself with God," etc. But meditation is a must. Without meditation, our life is not as complete, is not as happy, and is not as fulfilled as we would like it to be.

Every one of us can contact God because we are all equally Hiers children. When you've found the right key, the right method, the right way, God just appears. And I am so secured to know that God really exists, that I can always touch Hirm. I mean, in my soul, I can always get in touch with Hirm, I can always contact Hirm, and Hes is always there, and Hes is everywhere. And Hes is inside me, outside me, Hes is in air, Hes is everywhere. Hes is even in the microphone, Hes is in the flower, Hes is in you. All of you are God.

Date: 05/07/1999
Place: Lisbon, Portugal
Occasion: European Lecture Tour
Language: English + Portuguese interpretation

Number of DVDs: 2

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