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DVD-1014 Be a Farmer and Naturally Feel Happy

DVD-1014 Be a Farmer and Naturally Feel Happy

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In this international gathering, Supreme Master Ching Hai encourages us to grow organic vegetables and fruits at home. In sharing her own experiences, she also explains why farmers are both healthier and happier.

The Supreme Master also recommends greater diligence in spiritual practice, saying that the real practice is not necessarily sitting in meditation all day long. Focusing inside is more important, as we need to be more sincere and eager for God. Master goes on to share some of her high level experiences. She is so sincerely eager for the process of upliftment, it doesn't matter what kind of situations or tests she encounters.

For those who are suffering with illness, Master explains that the absence of light in the body leads to imbalance, causing sickness. Furthermore, she offers ways to help the body recover quickly.

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