We humans look alike with some very basic instinct but we develop differently even though we are all Buddhas and we have Buddha nature. There’s nothing but Buddha inside you and around you. Just like a cup put into the river-it just isolates some water in the river. That’s all. As soon as the cup is removed or broken it’s the same like before. It has never been anything different than that. So now the initiates are like the ones who make a hole in the cup. You know what I mean? So even though we still look like we have a cup we are inside the cup but we have a hole. Both holes so the water can come in and out of us all the time. So even though we are concentrated in the cup we are connected with the whole river; and we are actually the river water now. Date: 07/26&28/1996 Place: Raising Center Cambodia Occasion: Group Meditation Language: English Number of DVDs: 1