The Braves collection: Each piece features 18K gold, coral and green jade; collection includes a necklace, two styles of earrings, a ring, a tiepin and a tie clip.
An air of vibrancy and elegance shines forth from each of the chilies cut from sparkling red coral, topped by a receptacle of green jade and adorned with gold on either side. The necklace features a string of nine red chilies and three finely cut triangular green jade pieces in the middle. It symbolizes a spiritual practitioner of great wisdom, love and courage who advances bravely with blessings and powers from the Nine Realms.

Realizing the inevitable moments of weakness fellow practitioners face in the mundane world, Master uses the red-hot chilies to convey God’s most intense and profound love for us, in order to awaken our inner dynamic strength and firm willpower, so that we can challenge the utmost limits with unparalleled spirit and determination, without fear of snags and snares, and so that we may return to Heaven with glory.

We can be inspired by The Braves to become true brave warriors who tolerate the intolerable, achieve the unachievable, surmount negative trials and return to our glorious Home.

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