“We have to help the world to evolve, evolve higher, higher to join other evolved galaxies, and thereby also help ourselves to elevate.”

“The world is elevated already, to join the whole universe, to the more elevated planets, to become like confederation of elevated beings.”

Entering the New Universal Platform
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Budapest, Hungary Retreat,
February 23-24, 2005 (Originally in English)

“Concerning the ascending of our planet, that is the universal plan for our planet that we should catch up, that we should ascend with other higher, spiritually developed planets. That is the plan.”

“All such societies are also vegan, I told you. Their concept of life is very clear—very clear, very selfless, unconditional, very intelligent. I have not seen a single civilization so advanced and happy, joyful that is not a vegan society.”

“We will just have to return to our original, loving self because that’s what we are. We are love. We are divine. We are compassion. We are all the best in the universe. It’s just we forget.”

The Earth is Ascending to the Higher Galactic Civilization
From Crisis to Peace Author: Supreme Master Ching Hai