In order to sustain the Earth’s resources and avoid environmental damage caused by large-scale mining.
All Celestial Jewelry has been completely changed to use Future Gold and Future Gems.

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☆ Future Gold (Ethical Gold) ☆

Future gold uses high-tech and environmentally friendly technology that meets international standards. It is made from recycling old gold on the market and extracts 999.9 gold from discarded computers and mobile phone motherboards. This refers to pure gold (24K).
☆ Future Gems (Ethical Gems) ☆
The growth method of a laboratory gemstone is mainly to place the synthetic seed crystal of the gemstone under a high temperature and high-pressure environment to imitate the growth environment of the underground and add the composition of the gemstone to make the gemstone crystal grow continuously. Synthetic gemstones in the laboratory not only have the same chemical molecules, atomic arrangement, and color as natural gemstones, but they are more brilliant, and the clarity is higher. The difference is no longer visible to the naked eyes.
The future gemstones that can use the name “Synthetic” must have the corresponding natural gemstones and have the same chemical, optical and physical properties, and the same composition and atomic arrangement to be called “Future Gems.”