To combine compassion and peace with beauty and fashion, we are now offering an exciting new series of high-quality vegan fur products. These items are gracious and elegant, yet also warm and cozy.
This magnificent vegan fur series includes a selection of shawls, vests, jackets, overcoats, hats, and bags. All are designed for warmth and comfort while having an elegant, luxurious appearance.
The faux fur fabrics are made primarily from European and Asian textiles known for their easy maintenance. The simple, elegant designs have been lovingly sewn using detailed, high-quality tailoring. The result is a stylish, warm, comfy, and high-end fashion.
Vegan fur, as an alternative to real animal fur, enables fashion to be cruelty-free, uplifted by love, and enriched with peace.
To keep this garment in excellent condition:
Use only pH neutral laundry detergent.
Hand or machine wash in cold water.
Do not bleach.
Do not tumble dry.
Do not iron.
Do not dry clean.