One day during lunchtime at the Satin Meditation Center three resident initiates were chatting together. Brother Kuo mentioned his own color-blindness saying he couldn’t distinguish between red and green. Brother Chen said he had a crooked spine (not obvious to the naked eyes) and Brother Yang admitted he was quite short. A while later a pond needed cleaning at the center. A group of initiates participated in the work and Master suddenly got the inspiration to paint. When the painting was finished only three people were shown cleaning the pond. One of them was wearing a white shirt with a red and a green band. Another one had a bent figure and the third one was very short. The scene was a replica of the conversation which had taken place a few days ago. The Supreme Master Ching Hai didn’t know about their previous talk and their physical conditions. She knew She was painting them. This showed that the Supreme Master Ching Hai’s painting was a natural expression from Her deep inner vision.