Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Environment: Benevolent Messages from Mars- Be Virtuous and Save the Earth Mars has fascinated humankind for centuries and most recently a NASA research mission to the “Red Planet” has uncovered the exciting possibility of life there. In this compelling dialogue between Supreme Master Ching Hai and the Supreme Master Television staff we are allowed to experience the fascinating revelations Master received through Her inner communication with our peaceful planetary friends and of the compassion and kindness the Martians feel for us. Solely for our benefit they humbly allowed the Supreme Master to tell us about their lives. How did Mars’ surface become uninhabitable? How long have the Martians lived underground? Is there currently an enlightened spiritual Master living among them? What can we benefit from this extraordinary encounter with other beings? Hopefully we can realize that the Martian’s universal message for us is one of simplicity and beauty: being kind and virtuous is the way to save our precious Earthly Home. Date: 01/18/2009 Place: Los Angeles California USA Occasion: Videoconference Language: English Subtitles:Arabic Aulacese Bulgarian Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese Croatian Czech English French German Hindi Hungarian Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean Persian Portuguese Russian Spanish Thai. Number of DVDs: 1
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