The vegan diet is not only full of nutrients but also lets us live peacefully with the nature and fills our hearts with love for all beings. Supreme Master Ching Hai personally showed us the art of vegan cooking and taught us how to bring loving atmosphere to our family and friends. The theme of this DVD is “A Traditional Christmas Dinner” and the Supreme Master shows us how to make Vegan Roasted Ham Vegan Yorkshire Pudding Jam Tarts Fruit Crumble and other festive delicacies. She also reminds us that when it is snowing and freezing outside if we can stay in the house sit by a fire drink hot tea and enjoy delicious food we should cherish even more the value of happiness and family – which is the true meaning of Christmas. We sincerely thank Supreme Master Ching Hai for sharing with us the cooking tips of scrumptious vegan cuisine. Please enjoy this gift of love that God bestows upon the world. No. 926 Date: 2007.11.20 2008.12.17 Occasion: Vegan Cooking Language: English Number of DVDs: 1