During this inspiring gathering Supreme Master Ching Hai invited fellow initiates to share their success stories in the vegan campaign to save the planet. In many countries the peaceful and harmonious atmosphere in Loving Huts and other vegan restaurants opened by fellow initiates have attracted an abundance of people to enjoy delicious plant-based fare as they get to know more about the vegan diet. Fellow initiates in the medical care profession also spoke of their endeavors to guide patients toward adopting a vegan lifestyle for better health and wellbeing. Affirming the noble quality of all such efforts Supreme Master Ching Hai said “We can save the world in different corners in different professions.” She also reminded of the importance of working with love saying that this is a key to doing things well. What is deep meditation? The Supreme Master said that we can deepen our spiritual practice by meditating as much as possible with dedication concentration and a focus on peace and love for the planet. She also advised us to stay awake while meditating at night for the soul to receive the maximum blessing.