Supreme Master Ching Hai shared with International Association members the good news that the Earth’s life has been extended for decades more. Asking us to make use of every moment to meditate as much as we can the Supreme Master said “Always remember God and Heaven. Because this period is a period of grace now whatever you do will be paid rewarded hundred folds more. Especially in the center there will be Heaven’s gates and Heaven’s blessing and Heavenly portals; all will be multiplied over there for you.” During this gathering the Supreme Master talked about personal relationships and how our enemies of past lives often become our family members or even partners in this life. Through a humorous story of the revered Mahatma Gandhi Master illustrated that the only solution to life’s woes and challenges is to love and forgive. How to control the mind so that we can catch up with the planet’s elevation progression? Supreme Master Ching Hai explained that we should recognize when we do something wrong and correct it right away. In addition being diligent in our meditation practice and doing more good deeds helps to clean the karma more quickly.
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