In 1999 Kosovo was stricken by war and the Balkan Peninsula was like an ammunition dump set to explode as fear and unease shrouded the earth. During this perilous time Supreme Master Ching Hai oblivious to the difficulties involved in the journey lovingly accepted invitations to bring the message of divine love and Truth to eighteen capital cities of Europe. This selfless action showed Her compassion for all sentient beings and brought a new ray of hope to countless people. Wishing to share Supreme Master Ching Hai’s words of wisdom we are delighted to offer to the world the eighteen lectures given on this tour in a book.In this book Supreme Master Ching Hai expounds on the root cause of war and suffering in this world and points out that the only way to bring peace to humankind is to gain direct contact with God. By following the right path we can surely change the future of the world. 338 Pages (Hardcover Edition)