A grand listing of Supreme Master Ching Hai's newest designs of high-class Celestial Garment, the "Casual Series" and "Classical-Formal Series", is now available!

In the overall color scheme, the choice of fabrics, and even the details of patterns and threads, Supreme Master Ching Hai has given each piece of Celestial Garment a rich, vibrant, sparkling, and unique Heavenly Light with infinite love and boundless wisdom.

The "Casual Series" of high-class Celestial Garment complements your elegant and graceful temperament, while always enjoying God's "loving companionship" one naturally shares the joy of comfort and elevation with all people.

The "Classical-Formal Series" of high-class Celestial Garment demonstrates your heavenly qualities of elegance and beauty and lets God's eternal love and light shine on all souls, reminding the world to rejoice in their "homecoming".

Supreme Master Ching Hai says, "Wearing elegant clothing reminds us of our inner good, superb qualities."
Hence, a beautiful dress, a beautiful heart, and a wonderful and harmonious world start from yourself!

Illuminating the Soul

Elegant design, soft and cozy, flowing and carefree, easy, and versatile.
  • Breathable cotton dress with linen trousers for an elegant and slimming look.
  • The neckline and cuffs are embellished with bright, colorful, and glittering beads, symbolizing the heavenly jewels that illuminate the soul.
  • The cuffs and hemline are decorated with organza fabric, a fresh and romantic design that brightens the complexion.
  • The design and decorations on both sides of the leg openings show more ingenuity.
  • The Classical-Formal Series is the perfect way to show off your elegance on any occasion.
Washable, water temperature below 40 ℃. Use neutral detergent. Can spin. Do not bleach. Do not use dryer.