Three Ways of Usage:
  1. As a pet house: The front opening of the house can be completely covered with a curtain that reaches the floor to keep the furry kids warm. The curtain can be pulled up and held by safety clips to one side, both sides or in the middle, thus allowing space for the furry kids to come in and out Master lovingly noted that the three holes on top can be covered partially or completely by cloths, depending on the weather and the temperature, to ensure the furry kids’ comfort and warmth. A soft cloth cushion is arranged at the bottom for the furry kids to rest and sleep, enjoying abundant love.
  2. As a tea table: By putting a tablecloth on top, the pet house can be turned into an elegant tea table which can store tea sets and cups underneath.
  3. As a cabinet: The pet house can be used as a cabinet and arranged in different ways according to individual preferences. Inside, one can put books, pictures, vases, or indoor table plants.Serving as a loving house, a tea table and a storage cabinet, the multi-functional house provides warmth and happiness to both the furry kids and their human companions.
Suitable for:
Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Maltese, Poodle, Shiba Inu, and Beagle, etc.
Available in Size:
  • Small – 54 x 35 x 35 cm (length x width x height); weight: 13kg
  • Medium – 80 x 50 x 54 cm (length x width x height); weight: 17kg
Available in color:
Natutal Oak, Beech, Cherry, Walnut
Product material:

It’s made of eco-friendly PVC foam material that is waterproof and insulating. The material doesn’t contain chemicals and is harmless to humans and animals. It’s easy to assemble, and safe and convenient to use.

Material features:

Eco-friendly, water proof, pest control, flame resistant, without formaldehyde, mold proof.

Material color:

White Oak, Beech,Cherry, and Walnut.

(Please check the colors of the real objects. The pictures are just for reference)

Included accessories:

A curtain and a soft cushion.

Colors of cloth curtain:

White oak - red, Beech - pastel blue, Cherry - pastel green, Walnut - pastel yellow

Optional accessories:

Tablecloth, coasters and clips


If you purchase more than two pieces, additional screws are included to secure them for better safety.