Supreme Master Ching Hai has created a magnificent series of slogan-decorated garments & accessories for the vegan Golden Era. The slogans help to awaken people’s innate benevolent and loving nature, thus opening the Great Gate to a vegan peaceful world!

Wearing Celestial Cloud clothes adorned with vegan slogans.
Emanating Divine Light, Truth, Beauty & Goodness.
Brightening up the entire Universe.
You are a hero for promoting World Vegan, World Peace!
  • Please use natural, chemical-free detergents to protect the cotton fabric and the environment.
  • Wash dark and light-colored clothing separately.
  • Wash with cold water (below 35℃ or 95°F). Do not soak in detergent for a long time.
  • Do not use bleach or fabric softeners.
  • When washing by machine, turn garment inside out and place in a laundry bag. Use a delicate wash cycle.
  • When washing by hand, do not wring out garment after washing. Turn the garment inside out, put it in a laundry bag and place in the washing machine on a slow spin cycle.
  • If drying outdoors, turn the garment inside out. Do not leave exposed to the sun for too long in order to maintain the garment’s color.
  • Do NOT tumble dry.
  • Do NOT iron directly on the print. Place a thin towel over the print area and iron on the lowest heat.

Size Table

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