The Realization of Health – Returning to the Natural and Righteous Way of Living is a collection of the wise teachings of Supreme Master Ching Hai. It explores comprehensively the topics on health that concern most people. The content of the book is practical and complete. It not only covers the key paths toward the well-being of the body mind and spirit along with ways to improve the immune system and self-healing power but it also extends to animals environmental protection as well as the welfare of the whole of humankind and sustainable growth on planet Earth. The book especially includes a brilliant speech given by Master Ching Hai during the New Year of Golden Year 3 (2006) on how to prevent the damage caused by meat-eating drinking and smoking. It also contains an overview of the subsequent Alternative Living campaign. Now that we are in the 21st Century science and technology are highly developed and much progress has been made in medical treatment. Why does humankind still suffer so much from natural disasters diseases and famine? In this book Supreme Master Ching Hai uses simple language to explain profoundly the causes of all these problems and offers the best ways to resolve them. Readers will clearly understand how to take preventative measures and how to find the true cure for all illnesses. Therefore this book is not only a solid reference for health issues for all your family members but also a great introduction for relatives and friends to realize the spiritual meaning of vegetarianism and adapt to a healthy lifestyle. It is especially suitable for medical professionals to read and ponder over. Format: Hardcover, 286 pages Size: 15.3cm x 21.5 x 1.6cm ISBN: 986-82635-3-0