Tie adorned with Vegan slogan.
Stylish, handsome, and cool.

Noble and beautiful.

  • A tie with a vegan slogan can be worn at both professional and formal occasions, bringing positive energy to all
  • Wearing a tie with a vegan slogan makes you a vegan hero who treats animals with compassion!
  • Wash only by hand. Do not machine wash
  • Add a small amount of shower gel to water and soak tie. Gently rub until clean. Then press tie inside a dry cloth to absorb excess water
  • Flatten tie and dry it either indoors or outdoors in the shade
  • To maintain tie’s original color and shape, do not dry in the sun or in a clothes dryer
  • While ironing, place a clean cotton cloth over tie
  • Iron at low heat, below 140°C
  • Hang on a hanger and place in a dry place for storage