Master mentioned that the creation of the Longevity Lamp series is to bring Light and blessing to the world, and therefore to receive the lamp is to welcome Light and Love into one’s life. We thank our beloved Master for bestowing Heavenly Beauty and Blessing to all beings across the universes through the Longevity Lamps.

Whenever a Longevity Lamp lights up, the comforting radiance brightens all ten directions, instantly filling the surroundings with warmth and harmony. One may sense the unfolding of infinite peace, tranquility, and holy reverence in their hearts when in the presence of the lamps. This Divinely inspired and boundless Light helps to calm down the Earthly turbulence, radiating a luminescence that can extinguish the darkness in this world and beyond.

It is Master’s vision to see “World Vegan World Peace” for mankind, and now we have been blessed with the new Longevity Lamp, “World Vegan World Peace” to help our Earth elevate. This exquisite piece enables us to see the light in this beautiful world, while also feeling peace and joy; it nourishes the longing souls, and manifests God’s boundless Grace, further awakening our radiant quality, and thus raising humanity’s awareness of becoming vegans.

The Longevity Lamp “World Vegan World Peace” is designed with bamboo-like circular contours, with the letter V on one side indicating VEGAN, and the letter P on the other side for PEACE. This special creation comes in two colors: classic golden yellow and bamboo-shoot green.

May we light up the Longevity Lamp “World Vegan World Peace” in every corner of the world, shining God’s Light throughout and making Earth a peaceful all vegan paradise.