The result is a series of doghouses with the following features:

 Lightness, simplicity, good ventilation and ease of assembly

 Solid wood construction with decay-resistant legs, naturally beautiful, unpainted interiors and exteriors protected by environmentally friendly, non-toxic outdoor paint to ensure good health

 Offset doors for protection against wind and rain

 A spacious porch made of plastic sheeting material for activity on both rainy and sunny days

 A three-centimeter medical-grade foam pad for comfort while resting and sleeping

 Two removable windows that can be opened to increase air circulation in summer and closed to keep out the cold in winter.

Notes from Master:  1. Doghouses are only for use in appropriate (good) weather so in extreme heat or cold, at nighttime or in dangerous zones, we should keep our pets inside a safe house so as to protect them from bad neighbors, wild animals, thieves, etc. 2. We also recommend a healthier, vegetarian diet for your dog.

Available in Size:
  • Small (1-story house)- Has a roof that can be raised and secured on one side to facilitate cleaning
  • Medium (2-Story house) – The lower storey serves as a living room and the upper storey as a bedroom; has a removable side panel and a roof that can be raised for easy cleaning
  • Large (1-story house) – Features a removable window that facilitates cleaning
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