Excerpts from a lecture from Supreme Master Ching Hai. What is beyond this world that is better than our world? Everything that we can imagine and can not imagine. Once we experience it we know. No one else can really tell us. But we have to be persistent in that and we have to be truly sincere; otherwise, no one else can do it for us. In the same way no one else can replace you to work at the UN office and then you get paid for it. It is the same as no one else can help us eat and then we get satisfied. Beyond our world there are many different worlds. We can just give an example like the one a little bit higher than we are which we call the Astral World in Western terminology. In the Astral World they even have hundred or more different levels. And each level is a world in itself and it represents our level of understanding. It is just like when we enter a university each grade as we go through the university represents our increased understanding of the teaching of university and then we slowly move to graduation. In the Astral World we can see many kinds of so-called miracles and we can probably also be tempted by miracles as well. We will be able to heal the sick and sometimes see things that other people can not see. We will have at least six kinds of miracle power. We can see beyond the ordinary boundaries. We can hear beyond the limits of space. Distance does not make any difference to us. Lecture at UN USA June 26 1992 Number of DVDs: 1