“The essence of God of Buddha of Allah is love. When we make the choice of love that is the highest choice the noblest choice which is our true Self.” “To know God or to know yourselves is as easy as turning over one’s palm. It is just like looking to the front or looking to the back. Looking to the front we see God we see ourselves. Looking to the back we just see a mundane human mortal being.” “It is not by talking not by listening not by just believing. It is by knowing it is by seeing and it is by truly experiencing. Then we really know.” “Now it is just up to us to try to remember or not! If we want to touch God as one of us Hes even manifests as one of us. For example Jesus Buddha and Mo-hammed are all the personal individual manifestations of God for us to love to see to look at to touch and to believe in. And we still can contact these Masters if we raise our consciousness to their dimension which is higher than the physical consciousness of this planet. If I can you can….” Date: 04/30/2000 Place: Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Occasion: Lecture Language: English + Malay interpretation Number of DVDs: 1