All the happiest moments and situations in this world cannot match the pure and tranquil moment when we find our own inner self our own power that is one with the whole Creation. Therefore since ancient times spiritual practitioners have always been happy under any circumstances. Worldly things no matter how pretty or precious cannot satisfy our inner yearning forever. This inner yearning of ours is not only from our self nature but also from our mind. And if you are one with God you are a vessel of love. And the love of God will permeate your body your mind and your soul because God is within you already. There is no need for God to teach God. If we just surrender our ego and let God take care of everything every thought of our mind every word that we speak every deed that we do–let God do everything through us–then there is nothing but love and God within us. Date: 05/02/2000 Place: Hong Kong Occasion: Lecture Language: Chinese Number of DVDs: 1