Highlights: The most simple and sublime moments of peace and spirituality are often shared together with family and friends blissfully united with God singing songs of love legends and lore passed down through the generations. Love happiness and sincerity are like rocket fuel that sends the spiritual seeker soaring high into the heavens. Sharing that heavenly love and blessing with mankind through selfless service is the true path of a saintly person. Supreme Master Ching Hai is our loving guide and teacher through life and the world beyond reminding us always of God and our most high and noble nature. With diligence and persistence we will one day arrive back at our long forgotten homes within the kingdom of God. Open up that home in your heart and let it grow evermore expansive to embrace the whole universe and all beings in Divine Love. Date: 05/14/1998 Place: Young Dong Korea Occasion: Entertainment Language: English and Chinese Lecture Subtitles: Aulacese Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese English French German Hungarian Indonesian Japanese Korean Spanish Thai (10) Number of DVDs: 1