This video consists of five inspiring parts: 1. Opening ceremony of the Parliament of the World’s Religions: The sincere solemn and graceful prayers of great masters from various religions along with those from Supreme Master Ching Hai bring blessings to everyone present and awaken the God Nature in people. “…We dedicate to You our heart our love and our utmost surrender that whatever You shall arrange for us it will be Your will. Nevertheless since we are in this physical condition we must endure many illusionary hardships which hinder our spirit and separate us from You; therefore pray Lord grant us some of the dignity of basic peacefulness so that we may have enough calm enough surrender to remember You every second of our lives.” 2. Master speaks to an audience of a thousand people from different religions. “…We forget the noble persons that we are so God sends people like Jesus Buddha Prophet Mohammed Guru Nanak etc. to remind us of who we are. Even the greatest angels have to serve us but we pray to them as if they are greater. As soon as we understand who we are they will serve us.” 3. The South African SAfm radio interviews Master. 4.The South African SABC television interviews Master. 5. A press conference is held. Date: 1999.12.01 Place: Cape Town South Africa Language: English Subtitles: Aulacese Bulgarian Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese Croatian Dutch English Finnish French German Hungarian Indonesian Japanese Korean Norwegian Philippine Polish Portuguese Slovenian Swedish Thai (21)
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