Highlights: There are two levels in our existence. One is so-called ignorance; the other is enlightenment. And when we step through the border we come into enlightenment. Enlightenment implies light. So when you sit in quietness through the help of an experienced teacher you have light you see light floating through you. Then you feel elevated you feel changed. You enter into a different dimension. And once you enter there and are registered you never come back again. You still work in the world still do your business fulfill your duty as a housewife a husband or member of United Nations personnel but inside you contact a higher world. And it’s not only light that we see; we see beautiful Heavenly mansions. Like Jesus said “In my Father’s house there are many mansions.” We can visit and sometimes see ancient Masters and learn from their wisdom in order to put it into use in our daily service to the world. That’s why we work more effectively and with less effort but more results. Because we are wiser we learn from the Masters. Because these Masters never die. They just ascend into a higher level of existence. If we ascend to their level we’ll meet them and we can learn from them. That’s a better way than to learn from limited scriptures or Bibles which we sometimes don’t understand the meanings of anyhow. Date: April 20 1993 Place: U.N. Geneva Switzerland Occasion: Lecture Language: English Number of DVDs: 1