Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lecture: The Bible tells us “Judge not because you will be judged.” Why should we not judge our brothers and sisters? Because they are God’s children also they are of the same essence of God. We are all children of God. So no matter what your brother does he is God inside; he has God inside him. And he comes here to do this and that and the other in order to know God. The ways we have chosen so that we may know God are different. Some choose a very moral way so they get to know God more quickly. Some choose a longer harder way by being less moral by being less noble less good so that they can learn to know God in a more intense way. But of course by our human standards we value good and bad moral and immoral. So therefore we make judgments we have come to make a definition about good and bad evil and so forth. But in the eyes of our Father we are all equal. Because everything here is an illusion anyway and bad or good is not real. It’s just a reflection so that we know God in the totality of it. Because we have been in Heaven for so long where everything is so good so pure and so perfect we cannot know the perfection unless we see the imperfection. We cannot realize a man unless we have a woman to compare him to. We cannot know God unless we have something bad in contrast to it. And that’s why we came here into this world of the physical dimension so that we can know the worst of suffering of pain and of sorrow so that we can know goodness we can know glory we can know bliss we can know the blessing of Heaven. That’s why we have to know God in this lifetime. We must see Hirm. We must not just talk about Hirm we must not just understand about Hirm. We must see him or her….