Highlights: In the beautiful Korean summer Supreme Master Ching Hai received contact persons from around the globe during a retreat at Yong Dong center and conversed on many topics. Master and the disciples shared stories and insights about the spiritual path and a number of remarkable experiences that made this daring journey interesting and faith renewing. Supreme Master Ching Hai also spoke of the trials and tribulations in her daily life and the adventures she had during the lecture tour. In addition the many benefits of the Quan Yin Method were also disclosed although there have been many masters in this world teaching various useful methods the Quan Yin Method is truly the easiest and noblest path. This beautiful discourse shares wisdom insight and awareness – allows us to have a glance of the life of a Living Master. Date: 05/11/2000 Place: Young Dong Korea Occasion: International 6-Day Retreat Language: English Number of DVDs: 1