In a joyous and relaxing atmosphere Master met with fellow practitioners in Florida Center during Master’s birthday celebration in May 2002. Master eloquently spoke about the different races of people by using examples of various desserts. She then related stories from the Bible and the Koran about vegetarian and nonvegetarian food. Master explained that we must understand the situation in which past saints and prophets lived in order to understand events such as Muhammad offering a goat and God commanding Abraham to offer his son if we want to read the scriptures. “God is almighty understand? There is no mystery in the Master’s doings He does what he has to do sometime it does not comply with our tradition sometime it seems immoral but a Master does what he has to do…… “. Master said “This world is like an illusion in a mirror we realize we are God by acting the role of ‘non God’ ”. Date: 05/11~13/2002 Place: Florida Center U.S.A. Occasion: Master’s Birthday Celebration Language: English Number of DVDs: 1