Highlights: When we attend a retreat we should leave our daily mundane problems at home. Retreat is our precious time for communion with God in order to reach a higher level. It’s our sacred time our rare chance to progress quickly in the presence of Master and many practitioners. If we come for worldly or emotional concerns that’s all we get. At the time of retreat we should put everything down as if we will die tomorrow then God can lift us up and bath us in Hiers grace and wisdom and concomitantly our mundane problems will be taken care of. When we have God’s grace we have everything. To merge into God’s immense love we need to focus all our attention on Hirm. During the retreat we need to devote ourselves to God and God alone. This is a secret of spiritual progress. Place: Florida Center U.S.A. Date: 12/26 28/2002 Occasion: Christmas Retreat Language: English Number of DVDs: 2