The Dogs and the Birds in My Life Dedicated to All Earth’s Co-inhabitants This is a record of the loving moments that Master spent with the lovely doggies and beautiful birdies adopted and cared for by Her. With abundant mutual understanding and love their life is full of warmth and joy as if living in Heaven! The dogs are highly amusing; the birds have strong characters and sometimes want to be spoil and all of them are Master’s dear darlings! She always plays with them gently and lovingly takes them for walks watches television with them feeds them sings sweet songs to them and hugs them intimately. Master takes care of and protects them meticulously and treats them as Her family. With Master Mommy doting on them there is nothing but blessings and happiness! Greater love makes communication between hearts easier! Humans should endeavor to understand more about the animal world. Actually the animals are well developed spiritually and have deep feelings and noble qualities. With an open heart we will be able to realize many aspects about animals that are unknown to humans and then we will have greater respect for them and treat them more kindly! Number of DVDs: 1
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