Highlights: During the Chinese New Year the Supreme Master Ching Hai told a Chinese folklore: A magnanimous poor scholar with a kind heart who desired for nothing yet at last he gained everything; on the contrary a man practiced magical power wanting everything lost everything in the end. This folklore tells the importance of a simple mind and reminds us of the carefree manner we derive from spiritual practice will naturally bring us everything eventually. When the surroundings or political situation is not favorable to us how do we protect ourselves from all nuisance? The Supreme Master Ching Hai said: “After we practice we become more endurable more accepting therefore we will feel differently. It becomes easier for us to accept and endure; we also become more forgiving and more understanding.” Date: 02/20/2007 Place: Hsihu Formosa Occasion: International 5-Day Retreat Language: Chinese Number of DVDs: 1