Highlights: In the past many Great Masters have written poetry to share their experiences with the Divine so as to awaken and inspire readers to seek for their own inner wisdom. One of these Masters was Rumi a great mystic of Islam once on earth about 1700 years ago. Like the favorite many Masters have he also uses poetry to enlighten people for it appeals to our intellect heart and emotion thus it touches us deeply. Rumi composed many poems all of which were extraordinary. One of these poems entitled “All Through the Night God Is Calling Us” urges us to use our nights for meditation and is written in a rich sweet language used by divine lovers. Night time is a truly precious occasion for truth seekers. While the mortal sleep the seekers are released from worldly duties and free to seek the Divine. Date: 02/2124/2007 Place: Hsihu Formosa Occasion: International 5-Day Retreat Language: English Number of DVDs: 1