Highlights: During the 5-day retreat in Chinese New Year the Supreme Master Ching Hai calls upon every one to protect this Earth together and wishes that there will be world peace! Master refers to a recent report from United Nations which reveals that raising livestock is the biggest cause of global warming. Being a vegetarian thus protects not only animals but also our planet for all human beings to live. Master also tells initiates the story of “Turtle and A-Chen”. In this story A-Chen saves just one turtle’s life and he gets abundant blessing rewards. What about saving lives of thousands of beings! Master also encourages everyone to take further steps like using solar energy or carpooling. “We try our best to conserve. We help ourselves first and then God will help us.” Date: 02/2024/2007 Place: Hsihu Formosa Occasion:Celebration of Lunar New Year and International 5-Day Retreat Language: Chinese Number of DVDs: 1
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