Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Environment: Have a Positive Vision and Attitude Highlights In this thought provoking videoconference with Association members in San Jose California Supreme Master Ching Hai affirms once again that the only way we can protect ourselves from increasing natural disasters is by being pure in mind and virtuous in actions. She also encourages all of us to keep our thoughts filled with hope. “Who knows that maybe one day suddenly you wake up everybody becomes vegetarian! Be positive. Envision that for me. Envision that everybody becomes vegetarian who knows? Anything can happen! Let’s have some fun imagining visualizing it. Visualizing it will do no harm. It will only do good. Positive energy is always good.” Inspiring all of us with these love-filled words Supreme Master Ching Hai is a true beacon of light on our planet who consistently reminds us to do our absolute best and always have faith in the Almighty Power. Date: 07/10/2008 Place: San Jose California USA Occasion: Videoconference Language: English Subtitles: Arabic Aulacese Bulgarian Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese Croatian Czech English French German Hindi Hungarian Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean Persian Portuguese Russian Spanish Thai Number of DVDs: 1
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