Highlights This DVD features an exclusive transoceanic interview with Supreme Master Ching Hai by a Formosan Television journalist. Through heartfelt and candid conversations Master shared Her experiences during Her pursuit of the Truth and gave us a glance into Her previous lives. Moreover She revealed the secrets of the planets in the universe. Master graciously answered the questions frequently asked by the news media explaining that She does things according to Heaven’s will. The reason She came to Formosa to preach the Truth and Her outfits and appearances are all from God’s Will. She also made it clear that She made Her own living with Her artistic talents; in addition to supporting Herself Her income has been used to help the needy. Master also encouraged everyone to take actions to save our deteriorating earth “Become a vegetarian (vegan)! Help others help animals and help the environment. Pray and be kind.” Date: 10/25/2007 Place: Paris France & Taipei Formosa Occasion: Sarn-Li TV Interview Language: Chinese Number of DVDs: 1