Highlights During the 2007 Christmas gathering initiates passionately reported various snippets of good news from around the world. After seeing the incredible pace of many countries’development Supreme Master Ching Hai happily expressed “The world is getting better and better. I am so touched to see that governments have been setting up laws to protect animals. This is wonderful! Mainland China and Formosa are going to have peace talks; many countries have destroyed their arms; others are signing peace agreements and many more are helping Africa and the poorer countries. The list goes on…” Supreme Master and initiates also shared their beautiful moments of psychic communication with animals. Master said “There’s no need to be surprised – animals are just the same as us except they know better than us and they are more spiritual… animals are really very beautiful so simple and so pure!” Date: 12/24/2007 Place: Paris France Occasion: 3-Day Retreat Language: Chinese Number of DVDs: 1
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