The Supreme Master Ching Hai has been spreading the Quan Yin Method for over two decades now.  The Hsihu Center in Formosa (Taiwan) has therefore developed into a sacred place for spiritual practice that is serene and beautiful.  With heavenly inspiration the Supreme Master and fellow disciples constructed all the artistic sceneries which are simple and natural yet extraordinary and elegant.  In addition the Supreme Master cautiously considered environmental protection and practical value so much that even the professionals in this field are amazed by Her unique designs. The Supreme Master once said “While we are painting or doing things we have to bring life energy and happiness to the world instead of just copying the dark aspect of this world.  We can transform this place into a small Heaven!”  This DVD will lead you into this Heaven on Earth to wander on the little bridges over the stream and visit the creative pavilions as well as the mysterious stone caves casting all worries to the wind and feeling God’s infinite blessings and love.