Highlights: On May 9th 2009 Supreme Master Ching Hai was invited to attend the video conference on global warming entitled “Be Organic Vegan to Save the World.” During the conference the Supreme Master pointed out that the oceans play a major role in regulating the global climate. However fishing has severely disturbed the complex ecosystems of the world’s oceans. Since global warming spares no one each person is responsible to do their best in awakening noble qualities in themselves; that is to adopt an organic vegan diet which not only benefits our health so that we can keep diseases away but also helps strike a balance between agriculture and the environment. The Supreme Master said “If we wish to live healthily and happily ourselves we should let others live likewise. This is the best guideline.” No. 869 (3 Discs) Date: 2009.05.09 Place: Lome Togo Occasion: Videoconference Language: English Subtitles: Arabic Aulacese Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese Croatian Dutch English French German Hebrew Hindi Hungarian Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean Mongolian Persian Polish Portuguese Punjabi Russian Romanian Spanish Thai Turkish Urdu(27). Number of DVDs: 3
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