Highlights At this special gathering with Association members in France Supreme Master Ching Hai illustrates that if everyone chooses an organic vegan diet it not only benefits everybody and uplifts the mind but it is also an action of filial piety and patriotism. The Earth will become peaceful and abundant in merits. The Supreme Master also tells two stories about the gratitude of a fox and a bee explaining the true meaning of freeing captured animals. She reminds us that animals also have souls. Sometimes they come from a higher level to do something for the world or for their own species. Therefore being a vegan is not only eco-friendly but also respectful for all living beings. Date: 1/9/2009 Place: France Occasion: International Seminar Language: English & Chinese Subtitles: Arabic Aulacese Bulgarian Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese Croatian Czech English French German Hindi Hebrew Hungarian Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean Malay Mongolian Persian Polish Portuguese Punjabi Russian Spanish Thai Number of DVDs: 1