Highlights: This event celebrates the Spanish edition of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s book which received numerous congratulatory letters from many dignitaries citing they are touched by Her love to the canine friends. She reminds us that we humans have great love wisdom and compassion but all these good qualities are buried under the coarse pressure of harmful substances such as meat alcohol tobacco and drugs. The Supreme Master says “We must change the way we live our life. We must return to our original pureness compassion and love.” By being vegan and returning to our original love we will be able to save the planet through our compassion and we will have clarity of mind unobstructed mental capability and telepathy power as well as undiluted psychic power. We can communicate very well with each other with our co-inhabitants and even beings far away from our planet and re-create Heaven on Earth. No. 898 Date: 2009.09.12 Place: Lima Peru Occasion: Videoconference Language: English & Spanish Subtitles: Arabic Aulacese Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese Dutch English French German Hebrew Hindi Hungarian Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean Mongolian Persian Polish Portuguese Punjabi Romanian Russian Spanish Thai Turkish Urdu (26) Number of DVDs: 1