Full of boundless love Supreme Master Ching Hai wholeheartedly shows us the art of how to cook vegan delicacies adding a special touch by preparing them over a wood fire in order to enhance the natural flavor of food. The Supreme Master’s quick and ingenious combination skills transform simple food to colorful and tasty cuisine craftily polished off by Her unique and creative food garnishing. Supreme Master Ching Hai lovingly shares a number of useful tips during the program saying “You have to love to offer good things to people and then you can cook well.” “The main point is: be happy be virtuous and remember God and just enough protein you know or vegetable whatever then should be alright.” No. 929 (2 Discs) Date: 2007.04.05-07 15 17 08.10 Place: France Occasion: Vegan Cooking Language: English Subtitles: Arabic Aulacese Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese English French German Hungarian Italian Japanese Korean Mongolian Persian Portuguese Russian Spanish Thai (17) Number of DVDs: 2