“We don’t always have to be together we have to work together in different sections of the world we have to save the planet at least save the world.” During Cop 16 Climate Change Conference Supreme Master Ching Hai and Association members from all over the world gathered in Mexico to work together to save the planet. Our Association members shared many wonderful experiences during Cop 16 saying that the pure Mexican people are very intelligent and enlightened no matter whether talking of the policemen journalists or ordinary people. Whenever they received the information of climate change and veganism they all felt abundant love and wished to change to a vegan diet and even actively helped us to spread the concept of “Be Veg to Save the Planet.” The Zopilotes that came near Supreme Master’s dwelling inspired her to share many stories about birds’ loving nature and she mentioned “If all humans were so loving like that we would have peace.” December 11 & 13 2010 Cancun Mexico