What kind of attitude should we have when advocating the message of saving the Earth? Why should parents take good responsibility in taking care of their children? In a gathering with international Association members Supreme Master Ching Hai emphasized that spiritual practitioners should have a loving heart. If we don’t have love we aren’t actually spiritual practitioners! Love is important because God is love. If we have love we are one with God. Use your heart your loving heart. Always think of other people and serve unconditionally. In addition the Supreme Master encouraged fellow initiates to meditate and practice the Quan Yin Method diligently: “When we practice we have to be truly sincere and patient. Just continue to practice sincerely. You don’t even need to ask any questions. All things will be resolved by themselves.” Date: 2008.12.17 Place: France Occasion: International Seminar Language: English & Chinese Subtitles: Arabic Aulacese Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese Dutch English French German Hebrew Hindi Hungarian Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean Mongolian Persian Polish Portuguese Punjabi Romanian Russian Spanish Thai Turkish Urdu (26) Number of DVDs: 1