In this international gathering Supreme Master Ching Hai happily said that the world has become more wonderful and loving. More people have noble ideals and have tried to save the world whole-heartedly. Noble and selfless thoughts or actions always yield positive results because we are one with Heaven when we think and act like this. We have the power to influence the world and even the universe. The Supreme Master said “Truly you are on the path of miracles.” With one more saint the world would have one more light. Wherever we go we should always have faith and love be the torch of the world and affect people invisibly. Then we’ll eventually save the world. Date: 2012.03.26 Place: France Occasion: International Seminar Language: English Subtitles: Arabic Aulacese Bulgarian Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese Czech English French German Hindi Hungarian Indonesian Japanese Korean Malay Mongolian Persian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Spanish Thai (23) Number of DVDs: 1