Camping in the countryside is a great way to enjoy nature, and since a tent is indispensable for life in the wilderness, Master has created an intelligently designed, multi-purpose camp shelter for personal use. It is so comfortable and lightweight that fellow practitioners earnestly asked that it be manufactured for the general public. Master is proud of this superb design, which has the following special features.
  • The tent can be set up in seconds with just a rope suspended from a tree limb or other horizontal structure. In no time at all, you have a shelter against rain and wind, and a place to rest. A single long rope can be used to suspend several tents, thus making for efficient use of space.
  • The spacious tent conveniently accommodates up to two people.
  • Inside the tent are several light, convenient, built-in pouches made of transparent material that lets you see its inner contents clearly, allowing for handy storage and retrieval of utensils.
  • Meditation tent: Remove the outer layer of the tent and you have a comfortable shelter for meditating in the open. The tent’s base is waterproof, while its inner layer is made of finely woven netting that provides ventilation and protection against insects, and also serves as a stand-alone mosquito net.
  • The whole assembly is thin and lightweight, so that set-up takes very little time and effort. When dismantled, the tent can be neatly folded and placed in a small haversack, making it light and easy to carry, while still allowing enough room for books and other provisions. When neatly folded, the outer layer of the tent may be used as a sitting cushion.
  • Its dome-shaped design makes the tent strong, durable, and resistant to deformation by the wind. Nightgowns, suits and other items can be hung from hangers tied inside the tent, so that clothing will not become wrinkled. Clothes can also be hung out to dry on hangers attached to the top of the dome.
  • The outer section of the tent is large enough to shelter both your luggage and cushion, and has two slit windows to facilitate ventilation. This layer can serve as a large poncho, allowing you to meditate in peace in the forest, even during a heavy downpour. The windows can also function as sleeve openings, so that your hands can stretch out and move freely, as if you are wearing a raincoat-cum-windbreaker. The length may be adjusted to your height with a drawstring, and if you are caught by a surprise shower while waiting for transport, you can just slip it on and shelter yourself and many others as well.
  • The outer layer of this multifunctional tent is made of a special fabric lined with a silver-metallic coating that is heat-resistant, waterproof and fireproof and also yields ultra-violet protection.
  • While luggage and cushions are stored inside the tent, shoes can be left outside in the protection of the outer layer without getting soaked by rain.