Enjoy the scenery during the day and the celestial, starry sky at night while relaxing inside the new Trendy Transparent Tent! Includes six outstanding features:
  1. Made from durable and non-toxic EVA
  2. Two zipper doors for easy access and ventilation
  3. Two convenient windows for enjoying the fresh air: one on a door and one at the back
  4. Five roomy storage compartments – one on each door and three at the base of the tent – so there is plenty of space for your supplies
  5. Extendable section for stretching your legs
  6. Transparent shell and fly sheet so you can receive all the love and blessings of the universe from the sun, the moon, the stars and the heavens
  • Two zipper doors, as well as an extendable leg compartment made of breathable material
  • In the summer,  you can spread your sleeping bag out on top of the tent to make a convenient and efficient sun shield.
  • On a rainy day, you can cover the tent with the clear, waterproof fly sheet to easily continue with meditation or enjoy the soothing rainy atmosphere.
(News Magazine #214)