Highlights Down through the ages our ancestors have left countless pearls of wisdom but few have studied them in depth. People blessed with wisdom should study them intensively. When we practice and cultivate ourselves everything will be added unto us. As the Bible says “Seek you first the Kingdom of God then everything shall be added unto you.” As Sakyamuni Buddha said “It is most important to seek the Buddha-nature and practice spiritually.” This is why the Buddha renounced his kingdom. However we do not have to renounce everything. We can still govern our country after enlightenment but we govern in a different way. We rule the nation with our wisdom and a calm peaceful mind. We can use our Buddha-nature to bring about world peace. We do not have to resort to violence politics law and the likes. When we pursue spiritual practice diligently the Almighty blessing power will spread to all corners of the world bringing merits and peace effortlessly. The change is already well underway and it’s speeding up. Language – Chinese Number of DVDs: 1